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Kuroshima is one of the Yaeyama Islands. From the air it looks to almost be in the shape of a heart, so is often known as the "Heart Island". It is a very flat island, with it's highest point only 15m above sea level.

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  • Kuroshima Ferries
  • Kuroshima Ferries
  • Kuroshima Ferries

Ferries to and from Kuroshima

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On board you will find comfortable seating and air conditioning on hot days. Some of the boats also have areas to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Getting to Kuroshima port

Kuroshima port is located on the north side of the island. It is a basic port with few facilities.

The best form of transport on Kuroshima island is cycling. A 2 minute walk away from to ferry port you will find a bicycle shop where you get rent a bike.

About Kuroshima

The island of Kuroshima, also known as 'Kuro' is a heart shaped island that makes up the Yaeyama archipelago. Kuro Island has some 100km square and is relatively flat with the heighest point being some 15 metres above sea level. Tourist activities include scuba diving and exploring Japans beautiful coral reefs. Raising cattle on the island is a major economic activity with its very own 'cow festival' held every year marketing Kuroshima as the 'Island of Cows'.

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