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Chios Routes

  • Agios Kirikos to Chios / Chios to Agios Kirikos
    infrequent crossings
    6 hr
  • Evdilos to Chios / Chios to Evdilos
    2 crossings weekly
    6 hr 15 min
  • Fourni to Chios / Chios to Fourni
    4 crossings weekly
    5 hr 10 min
  • Karlovassi to Chios / Chios to Karlovassi
    4 crossings weekly
    3 hr 55 min
  • Kavala to Chios / Chios to Kavala
    4 crossings weekly
    11 hr 10 min
  • Limnos to Chios / Chios to Limnos
    4 crossings weekly
    7 hr 35 min
  • Mykonos to Chios / Chios to Mykonos
    3 crossings weekly
    8 hr 40 min
  • Mytilini to Chios / Chios to Mytilini
    1 crossings daily
    2 hr 25 min
  • Oinousses to Chios / Chios to Oinousses
    4 crossings weekly
    30 min
  • Piraeus to Chios / Chios to Piraeus
    1 crossings daily
    8 hr 15 min
  • Psara to Chios / Chios to Psara
    2 crossings weekly
    2 hr 35 min
  • Syros to Chios / Chios to Syros
    3 crossings weekly
    9 hr 45 min
  • Vathy to Chios / Chios to Vathy
    4 crossings weekly
    2 hr 45 min

Special Offers

Chios is a Greek island situated in the North Aegean Sea, seven kilometres off the Turkish coast. Chios is a beautiful island of fine beaches, pretty villages and stunning scenery. Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and Erturk Lines provide ferries to and from Chios. Note, however, that many routes are seasonal operating fully only in the summer months. Below, you can find all the Chios ferry timetables, journey times as well as our best prices.

  • Chios Ferries
  • Chios Ferries
  • Chios Ferries

Ferries to and from Chios

On board Blue Star Ferries, as well as a range of cabins and seating including airline style seats, you will find an a la carte restaurant, cafe, bar, shops, internet access, ATM machine and night club. All Blue Star Ferries also now feature Goody's fast food restaurants which are Greece's equivalent of McDonalds or Burger King. In the warmer months, some of the larger ferries also provide out-door swimmng pools.

Hellenic Seaways is one the largest and most well known of the Greek ferry companies. As well as conventional ferries, the company also operates catamaran type vessels and fast ferries which can sometimes be up to 50% faster than other companies with conventional ferries. This means that you can island-hop and have even more time to enjoy your destination. Their ferries are modern and offer a full range of facilities on board.

On board an Erturk ferry to nearby Cesme you will find friendly and knowledgeable staff dedicated to ensure that those who travel on their ferry services receive the highest value. Because the crossing is short, there aren't a multitude of features on the ships but you will find all the basic amenities you need including a snack bar.

So book your Chios ferry today with AFerry. Simple and secure booking and great prices year round!

Chios Port

Chios port is located in Chios town and is easy to find. Chios is a popular holiday destination and by booking ferries to and from Chios, you can enjoy more of Greece.

Chios port facilities

There are few facilities at the port itself. However, there are shops and cafes within walking distance. Information about your ferry, if, for example, it is running late, can normally be obtained by asking for information from a member of the port police or any local travel agency where they normally have live-updates. You might also find signposted updates but this is not common in smaller islands and outside of the peak season.

Getting to the port

The port can be reached easily by road or on foot and is well sign-posted. Many hotels and rooms are located within walking distance.

About Chios

Chios in the North Aegean, close to Turkey, is popular with Greek tourists and less so with foreign tourists and for this reason you can get a real taste of Greek life on this island. It is the fifth largest of the Greek islands so you'll have plenty of options in terms of different beaches, hotels, and places to eat and drink.

The name of the island possibly comes from the Greek word for snow: chioni, since the island's patron god Poseidon was born under snowfall. Traditionally it was a rich island due to the production of Mastic gum (which it still makes) and wine. As a consequence the architecture of the island with large stunning colourful houses reflects this rich history of trade.

Chios Map

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Port Addresses

Blue Star Ferries

Leoforos Aigaiou, Chios Town, Chios Island, North Aegean, 82100, Greece

Blue Star Ferries

Leoforos Aigaiou, Chios Town, Chios Island, North Aegean, 82100, Greece

Erturk Lines

Leoforos Aigaiou, Chios Town, Chios Island, North Aegean, 82100, Greece

Hellenic Seaways

Leoforos Aigaiou, Chios Town, Chios Island, North Aegean, 82100, Greece